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Sewer Fee Management

Save Money by Only Paying for Sewage Treatment You Use

Drains allow us to quickly, safely, and sanitarily dispose of the water we use along with accumulated waste. Much of the water we use on a normal basis follows this cycle: flowing through our pipes, out through our fixtures, down the drains, and then away from our property to treatment in our local sewage and wastewater treatment plants. 

However, not all of the water we use follows this path—a good chunk of the water we use is lost to evaporation and even more never makes it back to our drains as it’s used for swimming pools, landscaping, or irrigation purposes. Why should you pay a sewer charge on this water?

At Phoenix Water Solutions, our goal is to help you save money by only paying charges on utilities you actually use, and this includes wastewater handling and disposal in the form of sewer charges. By installing proper monitoring systems, we can help you monitor your water consumption and sewer uses with a much greater degree of accuracy. 

Our team of experts can develop sewer fee monitoring systems that are customized to your property, and we can even help break down sewer charges on a per-unit level for HOAs, multi-family residential complexes, multi-tenant commercial properties, and so much more.

Dial (602) 560-4225 to find out more about our sewer fee management services and learn how adding this monitoring to your submetering system can save you even more money every month!

How Am I Billed for Sewer Services in Phoenix?

In order to understand how we save you money, you first need to know how you’re billed for wastewater and sewage utilities. In Phoenix, by default, the city assumes seven percent of the water you use doesn’t make it back to the sewage system, meaning you’re billed a sewer charge for 93% of the water that your property consumes. However, that number isn’t accurate for almost anyone. In fact, the actual sewage usage level for most properties is far less than that. So why settle for the default billing method when it probably means you’re being overcharged?

Our sewer fee management services could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year if you have:

  • Significant irrigated landscaping
  • Automatic irrigation systems
  • A swimming pool
  • Large, water-consuming features not connected to your drain and sewer system

The Phoenix Water Solutions is to pay close attention to and monitor your property’s water features that do not feed water back into the sewage system. By submetering these features and monitoring exactly how much water they consume, you can determine exactly how much water you shouldn’t have to pay sewage charges for. For those properties that consume a lot of water or use a lot of water for irrigation purposes, that could add up to a massive savings on your utility bills every month.

You can’t manage what you don’t monitor.


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    Diana Stover – Board Treasurer
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    Christina Roth – Property Manager, City Properties
  • “People can use as much or little as they want, they just have to pay for their own.”

    Robert Bueche - Williamsburg Square Board President

We’re the Local Submetering Experts

If your property or properties are already submetered, we can interpret the data already coming in to factor for sewer usage, especially if submeters are already installed over these major water-consuming systems. If you already have a submetering system installed but specific features are not being monitored, Phoenix Water Solutions can outfit these features with proper submeters for monitoring and sewer fee management purposes. There are no upfront costs to determine if you qualify and all fees for filing and providing this service are typically much lower than the savings by only paying for the sewer capacity you’re actually using.

Schedule a free sewer management evaluation with Phoenix Water Solutions! Let us show you how your property could save you money—contact us today.