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Your community could be wasting up to 50% of its water consumption!

As a community, you only have control over a certain number of costs. Doing everything you can to keep these monthly expenses down will help ease the strain on your budget, but how do you know where to begin? At Phoenix Water Solutions, we can help! 

We offer comprehensive water audit services that help you determine where your water usage is going, how you can adjust that usage to save money, and what services we can provide you with that will help cut down your water consumption and bring your costs under control.

Schedule your in-person water audit by calling Phoenix Water Solutions at (602) 560-4225 today! Find out from our experts how you could benefit from our water conservation and utility monitoring services.

What Is a Water Audit?

Every service at Phoenix Water Solutions starts with a water audit. During this appointment, a water expert walks through your community and learns more about what kind of infrastructure you already have, what your current water bills look like, and what you’re already doing for water distribution and management. 

From there, we can make suggestions based on where your biggest opportunities for improvement are. Our aim is to suggest improvements and offer tailored services that will make the most significant impacts on your community. 

Our water audits can help you see just how much your property stands to gain from:

Once our walkthrough is complete, we provide you with a complete report of our findings and discuss how your current water consumption could stand to improve. This means finding weak points in your plumbing system, helping you locate potential leak hotspots, and even helping you learn where your water usage could leave room for improvement.

How We Help

Water audits also help locate ongoing problems, such as current leaks in your plumbing. By carefully investigating and inspecting your community, we can help you locate potential waste so you can start to address monitor and manage it right away. Considering that an average property loses 10s of thousands to millions of gallons of water to waste every year, making a change today to start improving on water consumption will make a huge difference immediately.

We offer water audit services for:

  • Multi-family residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • HOAs
  • Multi-tenant complexes
  • Homes

Don’t wait! Start making a difference in your water consumption today by contacting Phoenix Water Solutions for a water audit service.


Trust a water utility expert and save big.
  • We promise 100% qualified expert advice and guaranteed savings for a fast ROI with long term benefits.
  • We are there every step of the way from a seamless integration process to proactive servicing.
  • Our comprehensive audits compare your usage against similar users to provide intelligent recommendations.
  • We are passionate about promoting conservation efforts while providing cost-effective solutions.
  • Since 2015 PWS has focused on providing easy payment methods, savings and creative financing solutions to customers.
  • Phoenix Water Solutions is built on our relationships with the individuals and organizations we serve.
  • “The people at PWS are efficient and committed to providing good service.”

    Diana Stover – Board Treasurer
  • “Their customer service is noncomparable from the beginning of a meter installation project all the way through to them working with the homeowners on billing statements.”

    Christina Roth – Property Manager, City Properties
  • “People can use as much or little as they want, they just have to pay for their own.”

    Robert Bueche - Williamsburg Square Board President

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