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Water is rapidly becoming one of our most precious resources. While you may not set out to waste water, waste is a problem that’s far too common. Far too oftern there is  waste as a result of a hidden leak, given locating and fixing this wastefulness quickly can be a real challenge. 

And the challenge only gets more difficult when a leak turns into a potentially catastrophic problem. At Phoenix Water Solutions, we employ the latest technologies and software to help our customers provide effective and efficient monitoring of their water utility system, including monitoring their water supply for any signs of a potentially devastating leak.

Let Phoenix Water Solutions protect your property from the unnecessary waste  or the unwelcome shock of huge utility bills! Find out more about our water monitoring solutions, by calling (602) 560-4225 today.


As a property manager, water management can sometimes feel like a wild goose chase. Without the right data delivered in the right way, how are you supposed to be able to know where your consumption is concentrated and where your areas for improvement are? At Phoenix Water Solutions, we proudly offer solutions based on real-time, real-usage data collected by a range of high-quality utility management and monitoring systems. Our data monitoring is based on the latest technology, helping you to save money and resources while backing up claims with hard numbers and information.

Proper water management not only helps you save money but it can also help you avoid a potential disaster by detecting issues before they get out of hand. Through advanced data systems, we can help our customers detect faults, abnormal consumption, determine the presence of leaks and waste, and other hard to pin down problems – differentiating them from seasonal or specific high-use occurrences. Problems like water leaks can put your health and your entire property at risk, and proper data can help you find and fix those issues before they become serious. In that way, investing in this type of monitoring could save you so much more than money—it could save lives.

Increased Transparency 

Get better transparency to your property’s water usage by having Phoenix Water Solutions be your water monitoring partner. As your monitoring partner, we will help you better understand when issues may occur and how much in projected water loss expense you may incur if it is not addressed quickly. 

Water monitoring options vary depending on the community's needs, including the items listed below:

  • City Meter Real-time Data Collection (low-cost high impact) - Phoenix Water Solutions can help install devices onto your existing city meter to start collecting real-time data instead of getting a single bill monthly. This data will allow you to be proactive about leaks and rough usage, so you don’t have large utility spikes. We have had customers susceptible to significant $10K utility spike due to their unable to identify leaks for 4-6 weeks or until they get their next city water bill.
  • Flood and Leak Detection Devices - Devices can be installed in units or areas that may be subject to water leaks so they can be addressed instantly and reduce the chances of extensive water damage. Multifloor water loss damage can cost properties millions.
  • Smart Meter Installation - Phoenix Water Solutions can target specific areas of the property that may be more susceptible to leaks and will install smart meters so you can be proactive about water leaks.
  • Automatic Water Shut Off - Pairing automatic water shut-offs allow you as a property to ensure that if leaks are occurring, this valve can shut off water to the area instantly.
  • Internal Water loss & Damage - For properties with frequent water loss or damage, a water monitoring system may be needed to stay insured by your provider and reduce your deductibles. Many insurance companies know the value of installing water monitoring devices inside the building to reduce the susceptibility to significant water loss.

Phoenix Water Solutions can set up a proactive maintenance plan to address leaks when it happens to depend on their severity. We can dispatch technicians within 48 hours of alerts to ensure you are not wasting more than you should be.

You can’t manage what you don’t monitor.


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    Diana Stover – Board Treasurer
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    Christina Roth – Property Manager, City Properties
  • “People can use as much or little as they want, they just have to pay for their own.”

    Robert Bueche - Williamsburg Square Board President

Water Damage & Flood Prevention

Flooding can cause a tremendous amount of damage in a short amount of time, and that means even a slow leak can have lasting consequences. However, any homeowner knows it’s hard enough to just trying to keep an eye out for leaks in a single-family property. 

Leaks are far more common in larger properties, including larger neighborhoods, commercial properties, and multi-family residential buildings, and it can be almost impossible to constantly and adequately monitor for wasteful and devastating leaks.

Water Damage Detection with Floodie

Looking for an easy-to-use, easy-to-install flood monitoring system? That’s where Floodie comes in. Floodie is a wireless, battery-powered leak monitoring system from Alert Labs that can easily be installed virtually anywhere in a home or business.

Measuring approximately two inches by two inches, this simple sensor can easily slip into potentially high-risk areas, such as beneath washing machines and under water heaters. The sophisticated onboard moisture sensors send warnings directly to you in the event they detect even a slow drip of water, giving you early warning so you can fix the problem right away.

We can install utility monitoring systems in both new construction and already-built properties alike. Contact Phoenix Water Solutions for a quote today.