Conservation Rebates, Incentives & Grants Save money and reduce water, guaranteed!

 Conservation Rebates, Incentives & Grants

Individuals and communities are at significant risk without reliable access to clean water. With escalating severities of droughts and dated infrastructure starting to fail, phoenix water solutions strives to make the most out of what we have. 


Water Subsidies in the Southwest Region for Submetering, Meter Installations, and Water Conservation:

Across the southwest region, many communities are offering water subsidies to encourage residents and businesses to make water-saving improvements, such as submetering, meter installations, and water conservation efforts. These subsidies come in various forms, including rebates, grants, and tax incentives, and are designed to offset the costs of water-efficient equipment, landscaping, and other sustainability initiatives. The goal of these programs is to help communities reduce water usage and conserve this precious resource.

Phoenix Water Solutions: Your Partner for Submetering, Meter Installations, Water Audits, and Smart Irrigation:


At Phoenix Water Solutions, we understand the importance of water conservation and are dedicated to helping our clients reduce their water usage and save money. Our team of experts is highly skilled in submetering, meter installations, water audits, smart irrigation, water monitoring devices, and water conservation. We will work with you to find out what water subsidies your community qualifies for and help you take advantage of these programs. Our goal is to help you save money, conserve water, and make a positive impact on the environment.


Maximizing Your Savings with Water Monitoring Devices and Water Audits:

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including water monitoring devices and water audits, to help you track your water usage and identify areas where you can make improvements. Our smart irrigation solutions help you optimize your water usage and save money on your water bill. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs and ensure that you are taking full advantage of all financial support available to you.

  • “The people at PWS are efficient and committed to providing good service.”

    Diana Stover – Board Treasurer
  • “Their customer service is noncomparable from the beginning of a meter installation project all the way through to them working with the homeowners on billing statements.”

    Christina Roth – Property Manager, City Properties
  • “People can use as much or little as they want, they just have to pay for their own.”

    Robert Bueche - Williamsburg Square Board President


Trust a water utility expert and save big.
  • We promise 100% qualified expert advice and guaranteed savings for a fast ROI with long term benefits.
  • We are there every step of the way from a seamless integration process to proactive servicing.
  • Our comprehensive audits compare your usage against similar users to provide intelligent recommendations.
  • We are passionate about promoting conservation efforts while providing cost-effective solutions.
  • Since 2015 PWS has focused on providing easy payment methods, savings and creative financing solutions to customers.
  • Phoenix Water Solutions is built on our relationships with the individuals and organizations we serve.

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