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Submetering is a great way to help you save money on utility bills by reducing consumption and holding big users accountable for their consumption habits. However, submetering data can only do so much unless you properly utilize and interpret it. Breaking down consumption data and using it to properly bill customers can be a tedious and time-consuming task, and few people have the time, skill, or manpower to handle this important monthly task. Rather than stressing about getting things done or making potentially costly mistakes, leave the hard work in the hands of our team at Phoenix Water Solutions!

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Phoenix Water Solutions is the only complete utility management and billing provider in the Valley. We set the standard in the industry for what it means to have your property submetered. We offer dedicated customer service combined with progressive technology that guarantees quality, and consistent performance. Unlike our competition, we do it all: meter installation and maintenance as well as the tricky work of properly billing your tenants or customers for the water they consume. The secret to our success is our team of dedicated professionals and our world-class software that collects and analyzes data. This software not only determines proper billing for each customer based on their usage, but can even help you track down problems like leaks in your plumbing lines that are putting a serious dent in your utility and natural resource consumption.

What Is Smart Billing?

Phoenix Water Solutions’ smart billing services are the ultimate augmentation to your investment in smart metering. Once our crew has completed your installation and initiated your transition into smart metering, we then set to work tracking consumption of your metered utilities, including water, gas, and even electricity. When the bill comes due, our software analyzes consumption and determines each customer’s exact portion of the bill. This means no friction between tenants or owners, no splitting costs and encouraging wasteful behavior, and no unfair bill allocation practices. 

Our smart billing services are great for:

  • Property owners
  • Property managers
  • Real estate developers
  • Homeowners’ Associations
  • Engineering firms
  • Municipalities

Smart billing is great for residents and tenants as well. Not only does our smart billing give every customer access to our proprietary portal that they can use to track their water consumption in real-time, but it also gives them the ability to discover wastefulness and learn about how they can keep costs down fixing leaks or other issues they may not have thought about. 

Wondering what differentiates PWS from other providers?

  • Real-time access to data for management to all data about a property
  • Tailored Billing solutions that fit your needs and process
  • More comprehensive usage audits for property management
  • Real-time alerts provided to residents about leaks, high consumption, and other irregularities
  • Easy to use the portal for residents to get what they need to pay their bills or submit service requests
  • Continual Audits of rates to stay within city and state compliance  


Smart Utility Billing is the future of submetering. Our Smart System has the highest utilization and versatility. Having this system allows you to know more about your property in real time.

  • Leak Alerts - Tenants can now be notified within two days if there is a possible leak or abnormal   consumption so they may solve the problem before receiving a high bill.
  • Eliminate Error - Human error is the most common reason for incorrect billing. By tracking data and updating it remotely we can eliminate superficial errors.
  • Minimal Maintenance - Being able to leave these meters untouched elongates their life span.
You can’t manage what you don’t monitor.


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Trust a water utility expert and save big.
  • We promise 100% qualified expert advice and guaranteed savings for a fast ROI with long term benefits.
  • We are there every step of the way from a seamless integration process to proactive servicing.
  • Our comprehensive audits compare your usage against similar users to provide intelligent recommendations.
  • We are passionate about promoting conservation efforts while providing cost-effective solutions.
  • Since 2015 PWS has focused on providing easy payment methods, savings and creative financing solutions to customers.
  • Phoenix Water Solutions is built on our relationships with the individuals and organizations we serve.
  • “The people at PWS are efficient and committed to providing good service.”

    Diana Stover – Board Treasurer
  • “Their customer service is noncomparable from the beginning of a meter installation project all the way through to them working with the homeowners on billing statements.”

    Christina Roth – Property Manager, City Properties
  • “People can use as much or little as they want, they just have to pay for their own.”

    Robert Bueche - Williamsburg Square Board President

The Phoenix Water Solutions Difference

When we say we’re the area’s foremost industry experts when it comes to utility submetering, we mean it. At Phoenix Water Solutions, we offer a unique package that is individually tailored to every customer and every property. From residential properties to commercial buildings and everything in between, we offer a world-class customer service experience that combines progressive technology with unwavering quality in both products and craftsmanship.

Choose Phoenix Water Solutions to create a customized submetering program that earns your satisfaction! Get more information by contacting us today.